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You’ve managed to drag yourself to the office on a Monday morning. You’ve made your obligatory small talk with coworkers, poured yourself a cup of motivation, and now you’re ready to finish your work as fast as possible so you can spend the rest of your shift on TikTok.

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But there’s a problem: you can’t work if your computer won’t work. Before calling IT, run a few basic troubleshooting steps. These may sound like common sense, but you’d be surprised how many times IT services high Ridge MO can find the issue just by asking basic questions.

Have You Turned it off and on Again?

Turning your computer, keyboard, printer, etc. off and on again is the first instruction IT will give you, so go ahead and get ahead of them by doing this before you call. Many people are surprised at how often a simple reboot fixes the problem.

Is Everything Plugged In?

Don’t feel stupid if you didn’t realize your printer was unplugged before queueing 250 pages; it’s Monday after all. Check that everything is plugged into the wall and into each other (USB cables, HDMI chords, ethernet connections, etc). Check all WiFi and Bluetooth connections as well. 

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How Many Tags Are Open?

If things are running slowly, close any open browser tabs or background programs that you don’t immediately need. Quite often this speeds things up. You shouldn’t have your Amazon Prime account open at work anyway.

What Did You Download?

Did you try to install a Firefox extension of Chrome? Did you run an uncertified application and now everything’s in French? Please say you didn’t download 50 GB of those kinds of images on your work computer; that’s how the last guy who had this cubical got fired. Make sure everything you’ve downloaded is both necessary for work and suitable for your browser and operating system.

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