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Blissful pleasure

Blissful happiness

I have experienced these a amazing time away… heaps of calming & having fun with the very simple joys of summer and we also expended two incredible months in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. A lot of time in the mountains… respiration in pure, cleanse air and soaking up the sunshine. It was splendidly refreshing and rejuvenating. No net or tech gadgets for two entire months… I wasn’t absolutely sure if I could do it but I am evidence, it CAN be completed my close friends! 🙂

I will be sharing some of my favorite pictures over the following several months but required to share this just one to start with because it will make me so joyful!

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Posted by m i c h e l e j e n s e n [photography] on 2012-07-06 04:fifty five:fifty five

Tagged: , i came upon this see at the edge and could not feel the enormity of it all… in entrance of me, at the rear of me, bordering me , i felt an mind-boggling feeling of pleasure , i feel it was bliss , i believe i was shouting out to the trees below , did they listen to me?… of course, i believe so , we hiked about five miles via the mountains on this day , always on the lookout for bears while… a little bit of anxiety can be exhilarating , i overlook this area so substantially already…

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