Planet Wide Technology Soccer Park

Saint Louis FC plays its house games at Planet Wide Technologies Soccer Park in Fenton, MO. The Park is 15 minutes outside of downtown St. Louis. We’ll do quite sophisticated proof of ideas where we’ll create out and replicate say, UBS Bank, a large worldwide bank, or JP Morgan Chase, we’ll replicate portion of their network in our lab and test that out and simulate what that’s going to look like if they roll out some type of new technology in their environment.

And Nippon Telegraph and Phone Corp.’s Dimension Information, Planet Wide Technology has managed to carve out a prominent spot for itself as one particular of the biggest privately held organizations in the nation and a leader in integrating, designing and promoting IT systems and gear.

The Denver workplace will include the Globe Wide Technology Asynchrony Labs, which stems from an acquisition produced in June Asynchrony Labs supplies Agile software development and specializes in mobile computing, which assists companies swiftly find computer software options.

Go to our web site, familiarize your self with who we are and some of the innovation happening across WWT, connect with individuals that operate at WWT, attain out and ask questions, then go to Glassdoor for an inside appear at what it’s truly like to function right here and make certain that culture is something you can see your self becoming a element of!

I would say we’re getting closer to finalizing what we’re actually going to do, but our plans are to build a 200,000-plus-square-foot corporate headquarters and then retain all of this campus that we have right here and actually morph this campus into the physical and virtual ecosystem of labs.

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