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Here are 8 factors including Tips on How to Choose a Good Beginner drones under 200.

  1. Level of your Ability

Ability to fly drones

Even if you have a lot of money, you can not afford professional level drone spending regardless of the extent of your capabilities in controlling the drones. This will only result in you losing money for free.

Instead of being able to be an expert, what happens is drone got you sitting in the corner of the warehouse due to mismanagement.

Therefore, if in fact, you are new in the world of drones, choose the actual contrived for the beginner. You can afford more sophisticated drone spending when your capability has gotten better.

  1. Drone Use

Next, you need to understand together your goal is definitely drone shopping. Some of the questions you need to answer about this goal are:

Will you wear drones in indoor or outdoor areas?
What type of small drone with capabilities do the tips you need?
Or is it a drone that can produce a charming photo of the air?
By understanding the desired goals, then you will be able to reach the best drone that fits together with the needs. Make sure you are spending the actual drones capable of providing benefits.

  1. Drone Key Specifications

After understanding the needs and goals of drone shopping, now is your time to better understand the specifications of the drones to be purchased.

If you want to have a drone that is able to shoot together good quality, choose a drone along with camera features that qualified. If you want a drone that can fly together easily, choose a drone with Ready To Fly (RTF) feature.

Make sure the features contained in the next drone is actually able to meet your needs and requests from the drone. Especially in the key specs like cameras and GPS.

The best drone will be added together with a high-resolution camera. Capable of recording video images up to 4K resolution at 30 fps.

Related GPS, drones that are connected directly with the GPS too sustain you in controlling it. You can simply set the point that will be the destination of the drone and then sit sweetly looking at the resulting image.

  1. Fly and Charging Time
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You should know, drones for civilians can only fly a maximum of approximately 25 minutes. Drone type beginner lets alone just fly for 7 minutes only.

This flying time includes the need to enter in your consideration in choosing the best drones.

The ability to fill the energy including no less important. For that, make sure whether it is able to quickly or need to wait a long time to recharge the battery energy.

Even so, you can afford to spare battery backup so that the drone is able to directly fly back when the battery is exhausted.

  1. Fly Range (Range)

Reach fly each drone is different. The higher the level of a drone, the more distance it can reach.

Drone toy-grade as Syma X5C only able to fly as far as 50 mtr. from the controller. While professional drones like the DJI Phantom series capable of flying up to 5 km from the controller.

  1. Drone Controller

Examples of drone controllers

The drone controller cannot be underestimated. This tool will cause your drones to be more durable due to their suitable use along with the drone capacity.

The best drones are those that carry a controller capable of providing direct reports of flight drone information. Like the speed or height of the drone. So it’s not just a tool to fly a drone.

  1. Price

The price is actually a mistake in one important point in the process of choosing the best drone. Adjust the drone you want with your budget.

Remember, the price will not cheat. A professional drone worth tens of millions of rupiah must-have features and technology more sophisticated than toy-grade drones.

Want to grab a drone that capability qualified, then prepare it and big enough to be able to get it.

  1. Protection and Spare Parts

Can not be denied, the drone is a tool that has a high enough damaged tendency. Understandably, this is an object that is invited to float and able to fall when an available error in controlling it.

Therefore, the best drone should have plenty of spare parts that may provide in stores. Especially in parts that are quickly damaged.



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