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Voice artists have the special ability to alter their voice to evoke a wide range of emotions, mannerisms and even different people. While this seems like a specific talent, it has multiple applications throughout many industries. Novice voice actors can benefit from learning about the various career options available to them and focusing on at least one of them. +

Voice Acting

1. Commercial 

A popular occupation for most aspiring talent is commercial voice over. Under this job, voice actors narrate advertisement materials that mostly consist of radio and television commercials that reach local and national audiences. They can also narrate movie trailers, although the practice is not as common these days. The ideal performers should have a charismatic and persuasive voice. They should also be capable of providing clear, detailed descriptions and perform as other characters if needed. 

2. Character Acting

Voice work is also mostly associated with acting for various forms of entertainment. Character voice actors usually work on television, film and video game projects. Even though they usually perform animated characters, they may also be required to act out physical gestures to enhance the portrayal. There are also dub voice actors who translate and perform dialogue from a foreign language to their native tongue. These actors balance strong performances faithful to the characters with recontextualization for a different culture. 

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3. Narration 

Some voice over specialists provide detailed and straightforward narration to a variety of projects. They might work with audio description, an accessibility resource where the narrator describes character actions and story events in television shows or movies to help blind and visually-impaired audiences. Audiobooks also need detailed and clear descriptions that capture the author’s intentions. The voice talent should also be able to act as multiple characters if there are no other voice actors available. 

People entering the voice over field are not just restricted to certain projects. They can find jobs like these that help them apply their skills in a fulfilling manner. 

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