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How Does a Mobile Repeater Work?

Brief description to what is a signal repeater, what is it consists from and how it works.

Mobile phones became everyday objects in our lives a long time ago. They are used for various purposes such as communication, surfing the Internet, watching films and listening to music. However, the problem of a poor mobile signal has always concerned the majority of people. Fortunately, a brilliant solution was found for resolving this situation. It is referred to as LTE signal booster for a mobile phone or just a mobile repeater.

What Is a Signal Booster?

A mobile repeater is a kind of amplifier aimed to make a reception stronger. It is developed to provide an interrupted, clear and high-quality signal. If your phone shows just one bar, the repeater will make a huge difference. The quality of your network will be amplified to a degree sufficient for ensuring the adequate mobile phone performance.

What Does It Consist From?

Though a cell signal boosterfulfills a critical function, it has a relatively simple design. The devices consist of three main components:

  • an outside antenna;
  • an inside antenna;
  • an amplifier.

An outside antenna is aimed to catch a poor signal outside. It should be installed on a building roof. Some outside antenna types are used only for one carrier (uni-directional), while others can be applied for multiple carriers (omni-directional).

When this antenna receives a signal, it redirects it to the next component of a cellular booster which is called an amplifier. Its main function is to transform this signal into a stronger one. Its performance is measured by decibels. For instance, a maximum bar number on your screen is equal to 50 dB while an absence of bars is 120 dB.

The boosted signal then is directed to an inside antenna. It is the third component of a GSM mobile boosterwhich is intended to distribute the received signal throughout a necessary area (your home, car, workplace, etc).

How Does a Booster Work?

Both 3g signal boosterand 4g mobile signal booster work only with an available signal. If it is rather strong in your area, a repeater will improve it enormously. However, if there is a dead zone, it will not show any results. Furthermore, you should not pay any fees every month. It is enough to buy a device and install it in a proper way. A mobile phone signal booster does not need an Internet or Wi-Fi connection for it to work.

A mobile signal booster is a useful device providing you with a high-quality 3g or 4g signal. It is easy to install and efficient to use. If you have a weak signal, this tool is worth buying.

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