BlackBerry To Acquire Excellent Technologies For $425 Million

A unicorn” startup agreed Friday to a deal that values the organization at less than half the billion-dollar valuation it received just two years ago. The case is Great Technology Corporation Stockholder Litigation, Court of Chancery, State of Delaware C.A. No. 11580-VCL. The wooing continued even following it was clear BlackBerry was interested in acquiring Good Technology, the lawsuit stated.

The suit currently named Very good Technologies directors and executives as defendants and accused them of conflicts of interest. Good’s clients also contain Android and Windows customers, permitting Blackberry to offer you customers products for their preferred mobile OS, it mentioned. Gold estimates that the corporate and technologies integration approach will take a year or a lot more. Assuming that the two goods can be integrated successfully and only the complementary ‘best of the two’ stay, this is a very good acquisition for BlackBerry and a great exit method for Very good,” he wrote.

Good Technology filed to go public in May possibly 2014, but didn’t look in a rush to make it to the market place: It had never ever listed a possible price tag range for shares, nor supplied a lot more than a placeholder target of $one hundred million for an initial public offering.

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Good Technologies sells enterprise mobile security goods and was Blackberry’s competitor. Very good reduce down on its operating losses, which had jumped to $115.9 million in 2013 from $89.four million in 2012, reporting an $83.9 million loss from operations for 2014.

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