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There Is a Difference Between Malware on Mobile Devices and Malware on Computers

With the advancement of the technology used by cybercriminals, the relevant terminology has taken on a more expansive meaning. As an illustration, sometimes malicious software programs can make their way on to the official authorized Android application store. On the other hand, there is a difference between malware on mobile devices and malware on computers.

This disparity is the result of the fact that the distribution of computer software is entirely open. Therefore, you should be aware that no filter hinders the proliferation of viruses on computers, unlike the app stores which are utilized by Google and Apple devices. Furthermore, you ought to consider the fact that these app stores can perform a useful function. Therefore, they are useful because they hinder the proliferation of malicious software programs. Also, view this link for more data.

Moreover, you should keep in mind that these app stores generally successfully perform their function as a gatekeeper of the access to the different mobile devices which are thereby protected by the vetting process used by these official app stores. Therefore, it is in your best interests to make sure that all the applications you run on your mobile devices come directly from the officially authorized app store for your platform. Furthermore, you ought to be cognizant that the official app store for Android devices is the Google Play store, and the official app store for Apple devices is the Apple App Store.

Every time you download an app from an unauthorized source you are exposing your mobile device to a wide variety of problems that may occur. Furthermore, the primary issue that you need to worry about is that an unauthorized piece of software for your mobile device may have a trojan piece of malware that is hidden within the source code of the program. Remember, hackers are getting more and more advanced, and they are therefore able to conceal malware within seemingly innocuous pieces of software. Also, view this link for more data.

Once a piece of malware has been run on your mobile device then it will activate its hidden features and infect your mobile device without your knowledge. Unfortunately, there will likely be no warning that the malware is doing something untoward. The only way you will be able to tell that your mobile device has had malware loaded on to it will be by paying close attention to how the mobile device functions. Also, visit this page for more info:

Therefore, if your mobile device starts behaving oddly, then there may be malware loaded on to it. Moreover, one symptom of a malware infection may be if windows suddenly appear on your screen without you having done anything that would cause the window to open. Remember, many forms of malware run adware without your consent.

Consequently, if you see ads appear on the screen of your mobile device, then that is a good indication that you have malware loaded on your device. Furthermore, if you see signs like this, then you should scan your device with an antivirus program.

Benefits Of Using Bluetooth Smartwatch

Smartwatch is a wristwatch with additional functionalities apart from timekeeping. This particular concept started back in the ‘70s, but only a few years back it got a little push.

It all began when Pebble made a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign and created the first smartwatch for the general population. Soon afterward, Apple, and Google followed this trend by making high-end touch smartwatch.

Nowadays, it is safe to say that the initial hype of smartwatches reduced significantly when compared to the last few years. Fitbit purchased Pebble due to harsh financial troubles.

At the same time, Android watches became prominent, and Apple still won’t reveal the sales figure for their itouch smartwatch alternative.

Back in 2014 when it all started, smartwatches shared high price tag and prototype features. On the other hand, today, manufacturers implemented numerous features, added convenient characteristics especially when compared to the prototype.

So, we will present to you the benefits of owning smartwatch today:

Convenient Way To Get Notifications

Sometimes it is way easier solution to have a wristwatch that will sync with the mobile phone so that you can always have a little glance on it without taking your phone out of pockets. Therefore, having a smartwatch is convenient if you are outdoors, exercising or doing something else.

It is safe to say that smartphone users have at least ten notifications on a daily basis, while others more active users can reach the hundreds. The exciting part of this particular idea is that some notifications don’t require immediate action. But we have to acknowledge the content, dismiss it and carry on.

To find more information on smartwatches, we recommend you to click here.

We have mentioned above that the act of pulling a smartphone out of the pocket is a hassle, especially when compared with a gesture of checking a smartwatch. Imagine that you’re waiting for some email, and you’ve got only a promotion deal. You will have a handy and convenient way to get right information without too much hassle.

Most wearables feature gestures that will allow you to scroll through notifications with a few touches. It is an excellent choice when you have your hands full and want to check if something happened along the way.

Convenient Navigation

This is another reason why people choose smartwatches as the central part of their driving habits. Most newer cars come with Android or Apple car support, that will provide you with an immediate solution for your map tracking activities. However, if you don’t want to spend an entire fortune to get a new car or a GPS, the other solution is to use smartwatch for those purposes.

Check this website to learn more on GPS and navigation systems.

Even though leading in-car systems in new cars are Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, you can avoid them by using smartwatch as a handy gadget for your needs. When you are on holiday or trip, you can quickly set destination on Google Maps that you have on your phone and sync it with a smartwatch.

This is an excellent choice especially if you don’t get high-quality voice assistance, so you can quickly check where to turn by looking at your wrist and not on the phone. The phone is a more significant distraction on the road, which is why having a wristwatch with similar features will come in handy after a long trip.

It Is Perfect For Reminding You Of Next Activities

As soon as you place the smartwatch on your wrist, you will be able to use it for mundane activities such as reminders. It is the more convenient solution to raise a wrist and to say the activation keyword so that you can make reminders and alarms to a digital assistant.

Some high-end models feature speaker that will allow you to have a comprehensive communication with voice assistant. Therefore, you will see replies such as Cool, Yes, OK and many more. The central fact is that these tiny devices include a small computer inside, so you can use their features to make your day simpler than before.

It Will Help You Get Your Ass Out Of The Seat

Most smartwatches today include fitness features because it is a great way to implement moving sensors with a wristwatch. It all started from Apple Watch Series 2 for fitness purposes, and soon afterward, most of them included built-in GPS and other convenient features such as water resistance.

Nowadays, you can find affordable smartwatches that will provide you with fitness tracking, heart rate monitors, motion sensors and many more. Because they feature the latest and most advanced user interface, they will be able to track fitness way better than smartphones or other gadgets only for those purposes.

Most of them comprise activity apps that will allow you to track your activities so that you can motivate yourself by checking results that you had in your day. It doesn’t matter if you use Android or iOS devices, because you will be able to set a daily exercise goal and you will receive push notifications that will remind you of them.

Another great and convenient feature is that you can combine it with a Bluetooth headset, so that you can listen, shuffle and play music directly from the watch, without using a phone at all. This is an excellent solution if you want to go for a jog and you want to avoid wearing a brick-like phone in your pockets or bag.

Today, you can find most wearables that feature at least 4 GB of internal memory, while some others can have more than that. This will allow you to keep plenty of playlists within your device.


As you can see from everything that we’ve mentioned above, smartwatches are the perfect addition to your everyday life. The main reason why people still avoid them generally speaking is that they are too expensive.

The average smartwatch with all features that you need cost briefly $250, while you can find a low entry, LG or Apple watches for this particular price too. Most people think that smartwatches are just accessories for their smartphones, but if you checkpoints from above, you will not take this idea too seriously.

Before Buying Drones, Watch These Things!

A best drones under 300 is no longer a militant tool, many people are using it in everyday life, from making movies, video documentation, to idle. If I still choose drone to help make travel video during traveling. Well, the reason that everyone can see the beauty of Indonesia through the articles that I make.

Well, there are some things you need to consider before buying drones so as not to feel disappointed when it is in hand. Especially if you buy through the online store, you must know the following small things,

Know the advantages of loss using drones

In Indonesia, the drone is not a tool that is considered dangerous, because Indonesian people really love the art of photography and videography. But in other countries, drones are considered dangerous tools because they are considered dangerous because they are often used as surveillance cameras or bomb carriers (drones capable of carrying heavy items such as bombs). That’s where the advantages and disadvantages of using a drone can be known.

What is clear, the drone has a lot of flying time, mostly 15 minutes of flight. Therefore, it is necessary to practice the drone to fly in order to take pictures as much as possible. So that the resulting image quality as in the movies.

Buying drones at online stores is cheaper and more practical, but you should know the types of drones first

How to Select Drones for Beginners

Here are 8 factors including Tips on How to Choose a Good Beginner drones under 200.

  1. Level of your Ability

Ability to fly drones

Even if you have a lot of money, you can not afford professional level drone spending regardless of the extent of your capabilities in controlling the drones. This will only result in you losing money for free.

Instead of being able to be an expert, what happens is drone got you sitting in the corner of the warehouse due to mismanagement.

Therefore, if in fact, you are new in the world of drones, choose the actual contrived for the beginner. You can afford more sophisticated drone spending when your capability has gotten better.

  1. Drone Use

Next, you need to understand together your goal is definitely drone shopping. Some of the questions you need to answer about this goal are:

Will you wear drones in indoor or outdoor areas?
What type of small drone with capabilities do the tips you need?
Or is it a drone that can produce a charming photo of the air?
By understanding the desired goals, then you will be able to reach the best drone that fits together with the needs. Make sure you are spending the actual drones capable of providing benefits.

  1. Drone Key Specifications

After understanding the needs and goals of drone shopping, now is your time to better understand the specifications of the drones to be purchased.

If you want to have a drone that is able to shoot together good quality, choose a drone along with camera features that qualified. If you want a drone that can fly together easily, choose a drone with Ready To Fly (RTF) feature.

Make sure the features contained in the next drone is actually able to meet your needs and requests from the drone. Especially in the key specs like cameras and GPS.

The best drone will be added together with a high-resolution camera. Capable of recording video images up to 4K resolution at 30 fps.

Related GPS, drones that are connected directly with the GPS too sustain you in controlling it. You can simply set the point that will be the destination of the drone and then sit sweetly looking at the resulting image.

  1. Fly and Charging Time

You should know, drones for civilians can only fly a maximum of approximately 25 minutes. Drone type beginner lets alone just fly for 7 minutes only.

This flying time includes the need to enter in your consideration in choosing the best drones.

The ability to fill the energy including no less important. For that, make sure whether it is able to quickly or need to wait a long time to recharge the battery energy.

Even so, you can afford to spare battery backup so that the drone is able to directly fly back when the battery is exhausted.

  1. Fly Range (Range)

Reach fly each drone is different. The higher the level of a drone, the more distance it can reach.

Drone toy-grade as Syma X5C only able to fly as far as 50 mtr. from the controller. While professional drones like the DJI Phantom series capable of flying up to 5 km from the controller.

  1. Drone Controller

Examples of drone controllers

The drone controller cannot be underestimated. This tool will cause your drones to be more durable due to their suitable use along with the drone capacity.

The best drones are those that carry a controller capable of providing direct reports of flight drone information. Like the speed or height of the drone. So it’s not just a tool to fly a drone.

  1. Price

The price is actually a mistake in one important point in the process of choosing the best drone. Adjust the drone you want with your budget.

Remember, the price will not cheat. A professional drone worth tens of millions of rupiah must-have features and technology more sophisticated than toy-grade drones.

Want to grab a drone that capability qualified, then prepare it and big enough to be able to get it.

  1. Protection and Spare Parts

Can not be denied, the drone is a tool that has a high enough damaged tendency. Understandably, this is an object that is invited to float and able to fall when an available error in controlling it.

Therefore, the best drone should have plenty of spare parts that may provide in stores. Especially in parts that are quickly damaged.



Printing revolution—3D

Invented in 1984, 3d printing technology has slowly started to become popular just couple of years ago. Nowadays, it is making a remarkable impact on the scientific world and on the domestic world of everyday life of everyday people. Used in many fields and areas, for example medicine, space travels, home management and building, architecture and security mechanisms. How does it work then?

The father of the invention—short summary

Charles Hull is believed to be the inventor of the technology of 3d printing. He worked out the concept while he was experimenting with UV light. The following research slowly led to stereolitography, that is based on UV light. In 1986 Hull developed rapid prototyping in his company 3D Systems. His main goal was to find a means to create objects and their prototypes very fast. Eventually, prototyping is a way of creating various objects of any kind by simply adding new layers of material.

What are the types?

As in many sciences, there are many kinds of methods used in 3d printing. One of them is FDM (Fuse Deposition Modelling), that in the process uses melted plastic. The leading advantage of this technique is the possibility of creating objects of any size, that additionally are immune to damage.  Different method is SLA (Stereolitography). This type, on the other hand,  is based on a process of photopolymerization. This process relies on linking molecules by treating them with a beam of light. SLA’s main advantage is that it is very precise and operates with high quality, which result in high quality products. Another technique is SLS (Selective Laser Sintering–nylon sls printer). This one is most popular and is used most often, as it the price of the products is adequate to quality. The component that used in SLS is powder. The material is sintered by a laser. In the process, the pilot product is very resistant and have a long endurance.

Where can one find the products of 3D printing?

3D printing makes it possible to produce objects of any kind and shape at any speed. Additionally, it is also manageable to reshape items and objects already existing or printed before. As 3d printing is gaining popularity and, without doubt, higher efficiency, items of 3D printing are used in industry, medicine (especially stomatology), advertising,  space exploration, architecture, army, even fashion along with shoe industry. They are continuously improved every day.

Few of the many examples

An object that is as new as highly in demand is an air pollution mask. The best thing about them, is that they are protecting people from high level of air pollution in the biggest and most urbanized cities all over the world. Which is why the masks are very important and needed as the pollution gets higher and higher every moment. What is also worth mentioning, there are sizes for both adults and for children.

In medicine, there are exoskeletons used. They were created in order to help people, who suffer, for example from SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy). Thanks to this technology, these people are able to move their hands or legs with more control. This control matters even more to children who are in their growth.

The limits of the kind of the product is only human’s imagination. You can create shoes, glasses, components of space ships and a lot more. 3D printing is used in everyday life, and it is reassuring that is highly developed every day, being more and more available for everyone.

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