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3 Tips to Save Money on Your Homeowners Insurance

Save Money

Homeowners insurance is a vital tool for protecting your property. In some areas, the annual cost of homeowners insurance is surprisingly expensive. However, even if you’re own your home outright and a mortgagor doesn’t require you to have coverage, you need to be willing to safeguard your home against home. There are a few things that you can do which may help to make your policy more affordable. Here are three ways that you may be able to save on your homeowners insurance without compromising the quality of your coverage.

1. Install a Security System

Many insurance carriers will be willing to offer you a discount on your premium when you install a home security system. Alarm monitoring, video surveillance, and motion-activated floodlights are examples of home security technologies that can make your home safer. For help with a residential surveillance system Baton Rouge LA, connect with a company that can help you design and install a customized system.

2. Weatherproof Your Home

You may get access to a discount when you make your home less vulnerable to the elements. Insurance carriers are particularly wary of potential claims by homes which are located in regions with severe weather such as hurricanes. Weatherized doors and impact windows that can withstand hurricane force winds will help to fortify your home while also raising its value.

3. Shop Competitively

Staying with the same insurance company over an extended period of time may get you discounts on your premium, particularly when you combine your policy with other types of coverage. However, it’s a good idea to shop around before your next renewal date if you haven’t checked out competitors’ prices in a while. However, at the same time you’re doing research on pricing, you should also do some due diligence on companies’ customer service reviews. Your state’s insurance regulatory agency may be a good resource for centralized information about companies serving your area. 

Being a Good Leader at Your Job


In any type of industry, whether you are the CEO of a multimillion-dollar company or a supervisor at a machining services Pittsburgh PA plant, it is essential that there are good leaders. If you are in a position of authority, you have to lead by example in order to earn the respect of your employees. Consider these ways to do that.

Praise Instead of Criticize

The old adage says that one attracts more flies with honey rather than vinegar. You should make it your goal to point out the accomplishments that each of your employees earns. You should let them know how much they mean to your company as an individual, and let them know that their hard work is not taken for granted.

Avoid Workplace Gossip

As a boss or person in a leadership position, you have to be above the typical workplace gossip. You should not talk about employees to each other, and if you hear office gossip, avoid contributing to it at all costs. You will do nothing except divide your workers against each other if you take sides in petty workplace squabbles.

Help When Needed

No one wants to work for a boss who believes he or she is too good to help out. There may be times that you have to do things that are outside of your job description. You may have to “get down in the trenches” with your employees. If you want to lead by example, you have to show that you are willing to work.

There are many qualities of a good leader, and one does not become a good leader overnight. It takes time and effort to perfect this skill. Consider what you can do today to improve your relations with your workers. Just think of all the benefits it could have for you, the employees and the company.

Find These 3 Occupations in the Voice Acting Field

Voice artists have the special ability to alter their voice to evoke a wide range of emotions, mannerisms and even different people. While this seems like a specific talent, it has multiple applications throughout many industries. Novice voice actors can benefit from learning about the various career options available to them and focusing on at least one of them. +

Voice Acting

1. Commercial 

A popular occupation for most aspiring talent is commercial voice over. Under this job, voice actors narrate advertisement materials that mostly consist of radio and television commercials that reach local and national audiences. They can also narrate movie trailers, although the practice is not as common these days. The ideal performers should have a charismatic and persuasive voice. They should also be capable of providing clear, detailed descriptions and perform as other characters if needed. 

2. Character Acting

Voice work is also mostly associated with acting for various forms of entertainment. Character voice actors usually work on television, film and video game projects. Even though they usually perform animated characters, they may also be required to act out physical gestures to enhance the portrayal. There are also dub voice actors who translate and perform dialogue from a foreign language to their native tongue. These actors balance strong performances faithful to the characters with recontextualization for a different culture. 

3. Narration 

Some voice over specialists provide detailed and straightforward narration to a variety of projects. They might work with audio description, an accessibility resource where the narrator describes character actions and story events in television shows or movies to help blind and visually-impaired audiences. Audiobooks also need detailed and clear descriptions that capture the author’s intentions. The voice talent should also be able to act as multiple characters if there are no other voice actors available. 

People entering the voice over field are not just restricted to certain projects. They can find jobs like these that help them apply their skills in a fulfilling manner. 

2 Issues in the Banking Industry

Banking Industry

People don’t mess around when it comes to their hard-earned money. It takes a lot of work to earn a paycheck, and everyone wants to know their wealth is protected. Banks hold a lot of responsibility in ensuring their account holder’s money is protected and safe. It’s not a job banks can take lightly because people’s livelihoods are stored up in their business. However, with anything in life, challenges can arise, and industry issues can pose challenges that only a bank expert witness can figure out and offer advice on. Here are two bank industry issues affecting banks right now. 

1. More Competition

More banks and different types of money-holding companies are starting up at record rates. This means banks have to deal with more businesses in the marketplace compared to patrons. Therefore, banks have to figure out what they can do to stand out. Can they create a safer bank? Can they offer different perks? Is there a way to innovate old practices to keep up with new consumer trends? The good thing about competition is that is keeps the market competitive. However, a bank has to be on the right side of change to stay relevant. 

2. More Emphasis on Technology

Everything in the world is somehow tied to technology. Artificial Intelligence has changed the world in earth shattering ways, and it’s here to stay for good. Since technology isn’t going away, banks must do everything in their power to jump on board. A bank won’t make it if it doesn’t employ innovative apps and mobile banking options. This can be a challenge for smaller banks who may not have as many resources to innovate, but they have to find a way. Check out just how techy banks are getting with these updates

Every industry faces challenges, but it’s up to each company within the field to either rise to the occasion or get left behind as times change. 

Your Business Calls

How long have you had your own personal mobile phone? Did you start with one in the ’80s when the technology was dawning and the phones were big and clunky? Even if you waited until the phones were smaller, you’re probably talking at least a decade that you’ve had a mobile. While technology has evolved, the reasons people have mobile phones has expanded. First, most people had them for business. They were wildly expensive and you either needed to be a business mogul or be able to write the cost of such off your taxes to be able to afford one. Now, the cost is more manageable for most people and still used widely for business. The phones themselves often aren’t the issue. It’s the phone service.

Your Business Calls

What is VoIP?

If you live in a place where wireless internet connections are readily available, you may want to consider something called Voice over Internet Protocol as a service for your phones. VoIP is a way of circumventing the major mobile carriers and still getting your connections made. It uses the internet to transmit your calls back and forth. Traditional landline phones require an adapter. Smart phones require a special app to complete the calls. You can also use your computer to make calls using VoIP.

Drawbacks and Benefits

The biggest limit to VoIP is the strength of the internet connection you use. This may not be the best option for rural phone customers unless they plan on using their phones solely in conjunction with stable modem connections. The benefits, however, form a longer list. The big one is price. The calls cost less because you aren’t paying for the network to carry your calls as they’re completed using the internet. The rest of the list is all about the features. Expanded service, customizable and versatile multi-tasking options and effective conference and client-response capabilities are all options with this type of phone service.  

Doing your homework and learning about different technologies may save some money and bring new options for your business.

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