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Homeowners insurance is a vital tool for protecting your property. In some areas, the annual cost of homeowners insurance is surprisingly expensive. However, even if you’re own your home outright and a mortgagor doesn’t require you to have coverage, you need to be willing to safeguard your home against home. There are a few things that you can do which may help to make your policy more affordable. Here are three ways that you may be able to save on your homeowners insurance without compromising the quality of your coverage.

1. Install a Security System

Many insurance carriers will be willing to offer you a discount on your premium when you install a home security system. Alarm monitoring, video surveillance, and motion-activated floodlights are examples of home security technologies that can make your home safer. For help with a residential surveillance system Baton Rouge LA, connect with a company that can help you design and install a customized system.

2. Weatherproof Your Home

You may get access to a discount when you make your home less vulnerable to the elements. Insurance carriers are particularly wary of potential claims by homes which are located in regions with severe weather such as hurricanes. Weatherized doors and impact windows that can withstand hurricane force winds will help to fortify your home while also raising its value.

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3. Shop Competitively

Staying with the same insurance company over an extended period of time may get you discounts on your premium, particularly when you combine your policy with other types of coverage. However, it’s a good idea to shop around before your next renewal date if you haven’t checked out competitors’ prices in a while. However, at the same time you’re doing research on pricing, you should also do some due diligence on companies’ customer service reviews. Your state’s insurance regulatory agency may be a good resource for centralized information about companies serving your area. 

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